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Meet your business challenges head on with cloud computing services from Google

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Get the perfect cloud set-up
with Google Cloud

Migrating to the cloud has never been easier. With us as your Google Cloud partner, you can seamlessly switch to one of the most highly acclaimed clouds available quickly.

Remote data backups from any device, anywhere

Google Cloud capabilities allow you to increase ROI considerably

Unsurpassed cloud security, so you and your employees have peace of mind

Google Cloud provides smart analytics through its server-less analytics platform

Future-proof your business with google cloud

No matter the size of your business, Google Cloud enables you to keep up with the competition.

It is an undeniable fact that the traditional workplace has evolved for good.

If your business processes haven’t progressed to keep up with the changes, the chances are that it’ll experience growing pains soon enough. So, be proactive and shift to cloud-based collaboration and productivity tools to help you conquer future challenges.

Google Cloud allows high-performing companies to encourage innovation among their employees. Migrating to Google Cloud does not have to be a complex undertaking, and the experts at Liquid Intelligent Technologies ensure it.

Super Secure

Google Cloud offers full system visibility, which helps in minimising cybersecurity threats. Your data remains secure through ours infrastructure.

We want you to communicate freely and fearlessly, which is why we recommend Google Cloud as the best collaboration platform to choose, because it is safe and your data remains protected.

Go At Your Own Pace

We understand that digital transformation can be quite overwhelming. We have aimed to make it easier for you. However, if you want to take modernisation one step at a time, then you can also choose to run hybrid applications in several public cloud, or existing on-premises hardware. Essentially, you have a multitude of options available to make you feel comfortable.

Stay Confident

You can stay confident knowing that Google Cloud offers the same services and products supporting more than a billion users. Also, no matter how many users become a part of the Google Cloud community, cost, agility and performance are uncompromised. Relying on a Google Cloud partner like Liquid Cloud that works closely with you to ensure your business requirements also guarantees a smooth transition.

Why Liquid Intelligent Technologies?

Google Cloud plans at the best rates

If you are looking for a trusted Google Cloud partner, no one is better than Liquid Intelligent Technologies in Africa. Whether you want to modernise apps, migrate workloads, reduce or leave on-premises data centres, we can work with you to create a cloud migration strategy that works best for your business.

Digital transformation is now available at your fingertips. You make the call and leave the rest to us.

Cloud end to end

By choosing Liquid Cloud, you gain access to an end to end provider capable of delivering not only Cloud resources but the vital elements of Cyber Security and Cloud optimised bandwidth, bringing you not only the components you need but tying them together efficiently and securely.


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